Patient Participation Group

What is a Patient Participation Group (PPG) & what can it do for you?

Help the Practice to Improve its Service

  • Providing feedback (but not complaints) from patients, eg on how the surgery is performing.
  • Monitoring the accessibility of practice communications, eg offering feedback on ways to improve the practice website, Newsletter & leaflets.
  • Carrying out a practice survey into a variety of subjects, eg measuring patient satisfaction, health needs, awareness and expectations.
  • Designing new services or help keep existing ones.
  • Exploring the changing needs of patients.

Providing Information

  • Organising health fairs.
  • Offering handouts and support on special days, eg No Smoking Day.
  • Taking control of a PPG newsletter to be designed and run by the group.
  • Representing the practice locally and nationally when patient voices are needed.

Arranging Special Health Events

  • Encouraging health education activities within the practice, eg training in basic first aid for patients.
  • Increasing self awareness of particular illnesses, eg breast cancer.
  • Training new patients to distinguish when to call for medical assistance and when to self-treat.


  • Acting as representative group that can be called on to influence the local provision of health and social care.